It may be stating the obvious, but a short-term loan is a short-term loan

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Here at Nouveau Finance we do have to regularly make it clear that companies specialising in short-term and payday loans should net be looked upon as a last-resort source of longer term borrowing if you have been turned down by your bank or other lending sources. At Nouveau Finance we work hard to make all those who approach us for a loan aware of the difference between a standard loan and a short-term or payday loan. At Nouveau Finance we don’t deal in longer-term loans to finance the purchase of a car or holiday, our clients here at Nouveau Finance are usually those of you who have a short-term cash flow problem and who are looking for a temporary bail-out measure to tide you over. We do our very best at Nouveau Finance to ensure that nobody makes the mistake of thinking that a loan arranged through Nouveau Finance, or any other short-term loan company, is a loan they can take their time over repaying.

A short-term loan is literally that, a loan intended to be taken over a short period of time. At Nouveau Finance we tend to look at a short-term loan as lasting up to a month, though it can be as short as a couple of days. What is important to us at Nouveau Finance is that anyone taking out a loan arranged through us is aware that it is a temporary measure to help them out during a financial hiccough at home. At Nouveau Finance we will do our best to establish that any borrower understands the nature of the loan they are taking out. Nouveau Finance is keen to gain a reputation for being as helpful as possible and that Nouveau Finance is seen as a loan source that is only interested in lending money to anyone who contacts us.

We do our very best to ensure our clients are able to differentiate clearly between a short-term or payday loan and a standard loan from a bank or building society. Loans through Nouveau Finance are a great way to get you out of a short-term financial pickle, but they are not a solution to a long-term problem. We try to make it clear when asked that a loan through Nouveau Finance will become a very expensive loan if it is not paid off promptly. The payment set-up at Nouveau Finance and other payday loan businesses is such that everything is calculated on a quick turnaround, and at Nouveau Finance we do not deal in mid-term loans, so we only have loan rates based on short-term borrowing.

At Nouveau Finance it is important to us that every client is aware of the full implications of a short-term loan, and also the financial consequences should the loan be late in being settled. It gives us no pleasure at Nouveau Finance to charge extra for a delayed settlement, buy that delay triggers a great deal of administration and financial juggling, which has to be paid for.


Hello world!Payday loan companies are providing an invaluable service

Nouveau Finance – payday loans, short-term loans, emergency loans, nouveau finance

Okay, you may think that if this article is being written by Nouveau Finance then there will be a huge element of bias. Well we’re not going to write things to make sure you never take out a short-term loan, that’s for sure. However at Nouveau Finance we genuinely believe we are providing an invaluable service. So what makes us think that, after all Nouveau Finance is involved with short-term and payday loans, and the press coverage for such companies has not been exactly wonderful? However we are also aware that good news doesn’t sell newspapers so you are not going to read great things about Nouveau Finance or any other short-term loan company. As a consequence at Nouveau Finance we feel we have to do something about redressing the balance a little.

Let’s be honest for a moment – if there wasn’t a genuine need for payday loans and short-term loans, then any companies like Nouveau Finance who are involved in giving people access to emergency funds wouldn’t exist. At Nouveau Finance we know we are not the first port of call for someone wanting funds to buy a car or build a conservatory. We know that Nouveau Finance does not offer that type of loan service for large sums of money over a long period of time. We don’t pretend we are. However at Nouveau Finance we are also very much aware of who our clients are and why they have come to us. At Nouveau Finance our clients require emergency financial assistance, it is that simple. Nouveau Finance is not looking to provide financial help to those who have no income – that would be fruitless as it would not solve a problem and instead create another one. That achieves nothing and will gain Nouveau Finance a bad reputation which is not what we want. Nouveau Finance provides an invaluable service to those who have a cash flow problem and need a loan to tide them over until the next time they are paid, or an anticipated cheque arrives. Nouveau Finance is here to stop disaster becoming catastrophes, such as when your cooker or fridge packs in, or if the car needs some parts and you can’t do without it for work. There are certain occasions when Nouveau Finance can be a godsend and provide a much-needed service for our clients. We want our clients to come to us to help tide them over at times when a bigger than anticipated bill comes in, they have been delayed in receiving money owed, or they have had a bad month bill-wise and have simply run out of money to buy food and or petrol. Many of us suffer financial hardship occasionally, Nouveau Finance is here to make sure that hardship is not as hard as it could be. Nouveau Finance should be the first place you call if you need some short-term financial help as that is what Nouveau Finance specialises in.